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What is Floor Hockey Chicago?


Floor Hockey Chicago is a new club formed for the purpose of growing the sport of floor hockey (aka ball hockey, street hockey, or dekhockey) in the Chicagoland area.  Floor hockey has been played in the area by many people over the last 30+ years, but there has never been one unified group helping to grow the sport to open it up to more athletes and hockey fans.  The sport has survived becasue of a handful of die-hards who show up at rinks, and gymnasiums year after year to play this great game.  This is a joint effort between the Hockey Monsters and Team Chicago hockey clubs to help out all floor hockey players in the Chicagoland area. We will assist players, teams, and leagues in any way we can; we just want to help you play.


Whether you are a hockey fan who has never played the sport, or an elite level ice hockey player, this game is for you.  Obviously, skating skills are not required and there is a different flow to the game than you will find in ice or roller hockey.  But the stickhandling and shooting skills as well as game concepts transfer pretty directly from one form of hockey to the next.  At Floor Hockey Chicago, we do not feel like we are in competition with ice or roller hockey.  Most of us have played those games at some point, and some of us still do, but floor hockey just gives us another way to play the game we love.  Many of us still are involved in ice hockey through our children.  For us hockey is the greatest game in the world, and we enjoy it in many different ways.  Floor hockey gives players the chance to play a fun and safe version of the sport, often at a lower cost.


The hockey monsters hockey club is one of the best deals you will find for any sport or fitness activity.  These games are of high quality, and are played at little or no cost to the participants.  Floor hockey leagues are fast paced, very competitive, and as fun to play as any recreational sport you will find.  The thrill of participating on a tournament team in another city against players from other cities in both the states and Canada is an experience that is hard to come by in adult life. 


We will help provide opportunites for players of all skill levels to play the sport in three different ways:  Organized pickup games, league play and tournament competitions.  By encouraging more people to try out the sport, we hope to be able to gain access to new facilities throughout the Chicagoland area, where people can play against players of comparable skills and abilities.


The sport is a fun way to get involved in the sport of hockey while getting a terrific workout.  As we grow, we hope to provide games and leagues in many different divisions:  From the beginner to the elite player, recreational or competitive, we will aim to find a game for everyone.  If you are an older player, there will be some opportunities to play in 'Masters" divisions against other more senior players. There are many women who love the game of hockey too, and we would like to help grow more coed or even all female leagues.   In order to make all this happen we are going to create a list of players in the area.  Please contact us to get your name on the list, and include any information regarding what level of play you would like to play in.  Once we get enough people in any one category, we will look to organize games for that level.


What Is floor Hockey?


Floor hockey, also known as ball or dek hockey, is the dry land equivalent of ice hockey.  


The game was originally just played in the streets with sticks and tennis balls, but now it is much more than that.  When a bunch of New Englanders were looking to follow their Canadian neighbors by enjoying year-round hockey, they realized they needed to advance the game.  A standard set of rules was put in place, but most importantly, they invented the little orange ball that we use today.  From there, the game has spread throughout the US and Canada.


When a lot of people think of floor hockey, they think about gym class, and that's OK with us: Gym class was the best part of the day! Today, games can be played just for fun, or they can be very competitive and played by highly skilled athletes.  There are national and international tournaments for floor hockey, and some crazy people would even like to see it become an Olympic sport.


Get involved and start playing.  It doesn't take much to start playing, but it can be hard to stop.  So grab your stick and find a game. Just don't bring your red and yellow sticks, because... This aint gym class!

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