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The Hockey Monsters is a club that has been organizing hockey games since 2008.  These games have been held on different days and at different locations over the years.  Most recently games have been held on Sunday mornings at Janes Ave. Park in Woodridge.  This is a great venue for players of all skill levels, but being outdoors, games are dependent on the weather. The Hockey Monsters are committed to bringing high quality games to everybody and will continue to explore different days and locations as interest demands.


Games at the Janes Ave rink are played 4v4 plus a goalie.  Generally games are played with three 20-25 periods.  Standard protective gear is recommended and each player is required to bring one white and one colored/black shirt.  Teams will be chosen from available players.


These games are highly competitve, but also friendly, and therefore checking is not allowed. There are no referees so players are expected to respect each other and the game itself by policing themselves and avoiding rough play.  The game administrator will monitor all games and handle any situations accordingly.  This has not been a problem in the past, and we don't expect it to be a problem in the future.


Statistics are kept for players and goalies.  It's NOT a contest but more for people to know how they are doing.  It also helps provide a measurement tool to help build balanced teams.  It's just another fun aspect and gives us a history which has it's value.


Eric currently organizes and schedules the games via email as it's proven to generally be the best method for​​ it.  Usually on Mondays he will send out an email to the distribution li​​st announcing when our next game will be.  This does not obligate ​​you to participate.  But it will keep you in the loop about when we are playing.  You are welcome to play as often or as little as your time and interest allows.  We do ask that when he sends the emails out that if you plan on attending you respond to the ​​e ​​mail.  This way he know who is coming and can gauge if there are too few or too many players.  Eric is big on respecting everyone's time and have no intentions of wasting it.


If you would like to be included on the distribution list, contact us so we get you added.

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