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There are many ball hockey leagues in the area.  In order to help you find a league that fits your needs, Floor Hockey Chicago will provide information on all the leagues in the area.  If your league is not listed below, please contact us and let us know about it.


The Salt Creek Sport Center located in Palatine hosts leagues year round.  The facility boasts on of the best playing surfaces in the country.  This rink is set up for nationally recognized ball hockey standards.  Currently leagues are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The Wednesday night league is the highest league in the area, and has some of the top players around.  This is a competitive league open to all players.  The Monday night league is set up so players of all skill levels can compete in a balanced format.  Team captains work together to create teams that are balanced, which allows new or less skilled players the opportunity to play alongside strong players, and still have the chance at success.  Leagues usually run for around three months.  For more information about this league check out the Salt Creek Sport Center website.


The Carol Stream Park District has a Tuesday night floor hockey league, held at the Evergreen Elementary School gym.  This is a competitive league which runs all year round.  Gameplay has 4 floor players per side plus a goalie.  Every team makes the playoffs, but be prepared to play against some tough young teams if you want to win. For more information check out the Carol Stream Park District website.


For those South Side hockey fans, check out the Oak Lawn park district for information regarding the Friday night hockey league.  We would love to hear from some of you who are playing in this league.  Please contact us with the inside scoop so we can share that information.  Check out the Oak Lawn website for more details.

If your league is not listed below, or if you feel like I'm missing important information, please contact me and let me know.

Captains:  If you want your team listed here, then contact us and let us know.  Give us a logo or a picture and any information regarding your team that you would like to share.

The Raiders are a Team that play in the Wednesday hockey league at the Salt Creek Sports Center

The Bandits are a Team that play in the Monday hockey league at the Salt Creek Sports Center

There are a few floor hockey leagues organized by the Chicago Park District.  One of those leagues is held at Smith Park on Grand Ave.  If you are in to old time hockey then this league is for you.  Played in a poorly lit gym with a puck, make sure you keep your head up, or somebody my knock it off.  Rumor has it that these games are sanctioned by the Las Vegas gaming commission, so keep up to date on the lates puck lines.


North Siders should check out the Windy City Fieldhouse. Leagues are being formed right now and are hosted by  Check out their site for more information.  Games are played on Sundays between 11:30AM and 3:30 PM.  Games are 5 on5 with a goalie.  These leagues are well run with good refs, stats, prizes and more.

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