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Team Chicago is a hockey club that organizes teams for tournament play.  The team dates back over 20 years, but was re-organized under its current form in 2010.  Since that time, we have worked hard to open it up to all interested players.  Team Chicago is a well respected team in the floor hockey community, known for our mix of speed, physicality and hockey smarts that are tough to play against.  We have a strong group of core players, but are looking to expand our player base, so we can field competitive teams in all divisions from recreational to coed to the elite levels.


The Chicagoland area is one of the great hockey regions in the country, and there is no reason that our ball hockey community shouldn't reflect that.  This region has great youth hockey programs which produce great hockey players and fans.  Team Chicago is a great place for athletes to be a part of a team in a highly competitive, fun atmosphere. Tournament weekends are intense.  We play anywhere from 3 to 6 or more games in a weekend against players from other US and Canadian cities.  Away from the rink the players relax and have fun. Being a part of this team is a unique experience that is hard to find in everyday adult life.  Players are also eligible for a copy of the world famous Team Chicago Newsletter.

Tournament Champions



Team Chicago is always looking for new members.  The number one criteria for inclusion on the team is that you are not a jagoff. There is only room for one asshole on Team Chicago, and that job is ably handled by the captain.  


If you are interested in playing for Team Chicago you need to contact us, or talk to Captain Frank directly.  We try really hard to include every interested player, but keep in mind that there are a number of factors that need to be considered when putting a team together.  We are limited by available roster spots, and need to factor in how different players can best help the team.


Exciting news regarding the future of Team Chicago

Captain Frank has signed a new contract to remain as the General Manager of Team Chicago for the foreseeable future.  Many people have questioned Frank's effectiveness and were calling for a change. Some of his harshest critics had to admit that the recent changes to the team were promising, and that the championship team he built may have saved his job.  In the end, everybody agreed that Frank is the biggest prick around, which has long been the trademark of Team Chicago leaders.  He's been on the job for five years now; God help us as we suffer through five more.


We reached out to some of the members of Team Chicago to get their reactions.

Billy: "Frankie is a bad human being and I don't know how he got the job.  But the biggest question remains:  What would the team do without me?"


Freddie:  "F*#@ Frankie!! I shood be da captain on da team because I am da best and people luv me da most and I'm way bedder dan Frankie and I'm gonna kill Frankie and run da team and den we will always win da most"


Tony:  "Hey, as long as Dave isn't the goalie I'm happy."


Cheli: "Frankie is my captain, and I will follow him anywhere.  Actually, my body is so sore that I don't really care."


Carlo:  "I keep telling Frank to coach players to lob the ball.  I don't know why he doesn't listen to me."


Kirk: "Leave me alone, for the love of GOD!  I moved away from you goofballs and you still keep bothering me."


Ron: "XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX. XXX XXXXX X XXXX XX XXXXXXXX XX X XXX.  XXX X XXXXX X XX XXX."  We have redacted Ron's message because nobody wants to hear from him.

Upcoming Tournaments

There are some significant changes coming to the way we assemble our tournament teams, which will have an impact on our future tournament schedule.  In the past, there was no formal way of putting teams together for tournaments.  We had a small, dedicated group of players who formed the core of our teams, and we added to the group as needed.  Things have changed in the last couple of years, and with more and more interest in these tournaments, we need to rethink the way we put these teams together.


We are splitting up our tournament teams into 2 basic categories: recreational and competitive.


Recreational teams:  These teams will be set up for individual tournaments.  They will be open to everybody, and we will do everything we can to make sure that any player who wants to participate gets the chance.  Recreational teams essentially will be built in the same way we have done it for the last couple of years.  Once we see how strong or weak our team is, we will enter our team in an appropriate division. 


Competitive teams:  These teams are going to function differently from anything we have done in the past.  You will need to 'tryout' and earn a spot on these teams.  These teams will put more of an emphasis on training and practice in order to prepare ourselves for competition at the highest levels.  Players on these teams will be expected to attend practices and will need to be able to commit to the tournaments we enter.


Everybody has a different level of time and commitment they can give to a travel team.  We completely understand and respect that commitment, and we are trying to set this up in a way that every player can find a way to compete in a way that works for them.


We are currently evaluating players for the competitive teams, but this will be an ongoing process.  If you want to be considered, contact us and we will get you more information.


Our next tournaments are tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2016.  We should have a more detailed schedule with all the information for 2016 and 2017 sometime this summer.

Two of the longest tenured members of Team Chicago took great delight in the team's recent championship.  Former team GM Kirk savors a drink from the championship cup.  He thouroughly sanitized the cup before filling it with some warm tea.  Way to Party Kirk!


Chris, who narrowly lost the most valuable defender award to Pedro was charged with bringing the cup safely home to Chicago.  It was another great tournament for one of Chicago's all time great ball hockey players.


One cup shared by two great champions

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