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Sundays in Woodridge

Each Sunday morning, as the weather allows, a handful of hockey fanatics gather at a rink in Woodridge to enjoy the game of floor hockey in its purest sense. Out in the open air, these men throw their sticks in the rink, choose up sides, and play for the thrill of playing. These games are competitive, at times intense, but deep down everybody knows just how lucky they are to be playing in that game with those guys on that day.

There are highlight reel saves every week by Steve, Billy, or any of the other goalies who put on the pads, Mike, Timmy, Tommy and others will dangle, toe drag, and amaze with stick handling skills that are out of this world. We watch in awe as Cheli, and Bruner shoot the puck through the smallest of windows. And just to make sure you have your helmet strapped on tight, Tom, Piotr, and others patrol the back like a couple of pit bulls.

With the winter winds approaching, the season is slipping into hibernation. Hopefully we can find some other ways to get our hockey fix during the cold days ahead. I for one, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. Golf? No, not for me, I'll be spending my Sundays in Woodridge.

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