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After a long journey, the cup made it home

Every tournament we go on is a new and unique experience. As the weekend goes on, old stories are shared, while new memories are being made. This past October, Team Chicago made some memories that will be shared for years to come. A busload of young men survived an epic journey and came home as champions.

Things we touch and go for a while as a short stop for gas, turned into a wild night in Nashville. Music city has never seen anything like a group of road weary hockey players from Chicago. Even the goaltender woke up from his coma long enough to enjoy a few laughs. If it weren't for the veteran leadership of Cheli, the players may never have made it to the tournament in time. It was a long ardous journey, and just when the boys thought they had made it to a nice warm bed, they learned what a terrible mistake it is to let Billy provide the directions. Our Goalie once again woke up long enough to guide the crew to the right hotel, only they were in the wrong city.

Now if these men were from any other team, you would think they would be defeated, but no. These guys are from Team Chicago. A trip to Arby's and a stiff drink and they were ready to party. Although they only slept about 2 hours in 2 days (except, of course, for Billy), they managed to dominate Holistix in the first game. Two short days later and these men were champions.

the Journey home was both quicker and more satisfying. Partly because they were without their napping goaltender, but mostly because they were champions. Thanks to Chris and the boys for a great trip...

...what a long strange trip it's been.

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